The following links show the different processes we use and how they are done. These are representations of what we can do; we did not create these videos.


Air-Set/No Bake

This is a new added video of the cutting edge No Bake Molding Machine (2 Station) that we replaced our entire Green Sand equipment with at Russelloy Foundry (

Russelloy will be the FIRST Foundry East of the Rockies, to have this automated molding technology! Our equipment will run most any type of tooling from: Hunter, Sinto, Rotolift, BMM, B & P, Shell and more.There is minimal to NO COST to adapt tooling. A few advantages of this process are: tighter tolerance, better surface finish, and less grinding. For more information email:

Air-Set/No Bake Molding Video

Green Sand

This video is similar to our current process at Russelloy Foundry (, the difference being the video demonstrates aluminum small squeezer molds, Russelloy Foundry pours Iron in much larger cope and drag molds. This process can also be used in very high production quantities. This is the lowest cost casting process. This process was replaced with our automated No Bake molding machine. For more information email:

Green Sand Molding Video
Green Sand Molding Animation


Did you know that the Die Casting Industry produces over one-third of metal castings? Die casting is similar to permanent mold but the molten metal is injected under high-pressure. This process would be best for high-volume, thin- walled, complex parts. We consider ourselves experienced in die-casting (both aluminum and brass) because our engineers specialize in part and tooling design. For additional information email:

Die-Casting Video
High Pressure Die-Casting Animation

Investment Casting

This process is used for the most complex, closest near net, and best surface finish parts. A less expensive version of this process uses water glass instead of fine silica. Our engineers can help you determine what process is best for you.

Investment Casting Video
Investment Casting Animation

Metal Stamping, Fabrication & Injection Molding

Metal Stamping/ Fabrication Comparison
Injection Molding Animation

Permanent Mold

This process is typically used for aluminum (small or large) and can be medium to low volume. Aluminum is gravity feed into a durable or permanent, steel die. Contact Todd at: if you should use a die cast or permanent mold process.

Permanent Mold (Low-Pressure/ Gravity) Video
Permanent Mold Animation

Powdered Metal

It's a process that starts by compacting powdered metal using elemental or pre-alloyed powders which is than sintered to bind the particles. Parts can be net or near net in shape. This is typically a high volume process of smaller, simple to medium complexity parts.

This  presentation briefly comments on Metal Injection Molding, which is a process we are knowledgeable with but don't use; however, we can  give you a referral for this process. 

Powdered Metal Video
Powdered Metal Animation

Forging & Metal Casting

There are multiple forging processes and parts can range from small, high volume to extremely large single component. With multiple processes it is best to contact us to discuss your part and determine the best process

Forging: Ring, Open-Die & Hammer
Quick Review of Metal Casting