Todd Walter is the founder/owner of a privately held Global Sourcing company and Iron Foundry ( His experience started in 1991 as the Sales Manager for a Supply-Chain Management and Assembly Company located in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Todd learned how to locate, audit suppliers, understand cultural differences, and how to problem solve global supply chain issues. He learned these skills under the guidance of Sourcing Engineers from John Deere and Caterpillar.

Beginning as Global Component Technologies, Inc., GlobalTech has strategically added Engineers in Taiwan, India and Mexico. All suppliers have the capacity to: audit new suppliers, review prints/models with our strategic suppliers, and develop control plans, as well as process documents prior to launch.

Specifically, GlobalTech’s Engineer in Taiwan, Peter Pan, has been a Director of Quality and Tooling Design Engineer. He has assisted large OEMs, like Generac with part design of crankcases, twin-cylinders, gear covers and connecting rods.

Years ago GlobalTech saw the trade war coming and systematically developed partnerships outside of China where the tariffs and high duties do not exist.


If you are currently sourcing product in China, we recommend that you dual source with a non-tariff country/supplier. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you simplify your sourcing process. Please feel free to contact me directly by email anytime at: