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What in the world is "EVERGREEN TOOLING" and why we created it for you?

Why are Die casting tools so complex and expensive and how is it possible to make them affordable? Parts that are high volume, over time, wear out and require new tooling. This can be frustrating and difficult to get management to approve capital request. “Evergreen Tooling” is a budget-friendly solution that requires a small, extra payment with each part (usually a few cents to a couple dollars, depending on cost of the tool and part volume). This is then applied to the next set of dies. When there is  25% life remaining on the current production tool, we begin building a new tool so that it is available to replace the old part when needed. Once the replacement tool goes into
production, the process begins again, so in a sense THE TOOLING LIVES FOREVER!  Evergreen Tooling eliminates: capital requests, the need to plan for a big ticket item,
tooling end of life issues, and surprises for the next buyer after your retirement! We implemented this program because we understand how worrisome and expensive
replacing Die Casting tools can be over time. If you are interested in learning more about the ease of use of this payment plan, please contact Todd:

We believe in this program so much that we are waiving your first three payments!